Warzone is our  BRAND NEW   ultimate shoot 'em up zombie take down experience for 2023 . You and your colleagues will take part in a training exercise where you will shoot hordes of zombies, to ready yourselves for an imminent zombie apocalypse.

With uncertainty amongst the sinister global superpowers, the Warzone training protocol will prepare you for the imminent threat of a global zombie plague. As gatekeepers to humanity, it's your duty to protect yourselves and your families by partaking in this unique training exercise here on the wastelands of Farmaggedon.

Part of your experience will include strobe lights, pyrotechnics, searchlights, special effects and water cannons.

Remember Soldiers...

πŸ”₯ if it moves & it's dead, aim for the head ! πŸ”₯​​​​​​​

Your Warzone ticket includes 60 paintballs and extras are available to purchase on line or on site; Pods of 120 balls for Β£10 or two Pods for Β£15.

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witness  the  end of  the  world...

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